Will & Estate Disputes

DJ Hinton Lawyers are able to assist clients in relation to all aspects of managing or contesting a Will, or dealing with an estate.  We can also support the executor that is being challenged, or in cases where you have received notice of a claim against the estate. This could be from a spouse, partner (including same-sex partner) or child of the deceased. You may have even been left out of a Will or believe you have not been adequately provided for. Additionally, there may be cases where you’re concerned about the capacity of the person who made it in the first place. Lastly, you could be a beneficiary and your inheritance needs to be protected against a claim on the estate or a challenge to the situation.

No matter your situation, we are here to help.

Contesting a will?

In all areas of challenges involving these circumstances, you need the assistance of a lawyer with experience in this area.

Our principal David Hinton has that experience and is able to advise you about the merits of your matter, and assist you to achieve the best possible outcome.  We are aware that these types of situations are often very emotional and can involve family and friends.  We believe it is our job to take away as much of the emotional turmoil as possible for you, and also to remain objective at all times to ensure you are provided with accurate and realistic advice.

We are also aware that legal costs in any dispute can be substantial and can therefore significantly reduce the entitlement of all persons entitled to benefit from the estate.  Therefore, our goal is always to fully explore the prospects of resolving any context involving someone contesting a will, without the need for Court proceedings, and we actively encourage early mediation to assist in this regard.  However, if the matter cannot be resolved we will vigorously pursue or protect your interests.

We understand that because these situations are expensive; in many cases, clients cannot afford to fund the cost of such situations.  Therefore, we are prepared to consider deferring payment of our fees and outlays until the conclusion of your matter, and in appropriate cases, we are prepared to conduct your matter on a no-win, no-fee basis.

If you are an executor, or you wish to make a claim against an Estate or are looking at contesting a Will, or if you are a beneficiary that’s under challenge, please contact our office to arrange an initial free, no-obligation consultation.

There are time limits that apply to Estate disputes and Will challenges so if you have any doubt about your rights in relation to these situations, you should contact us to arrange an appointment so you can receive proper advice on your rights.  If you do not act promptly to seek our help you may lose your rights or your inheritance.

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